My Modern Philosophy: What Makes Me Tick?

The possibilities are endless and the latent potential of your possibility sits inside.

It show us that SELF ESTEEM is really an issue and we are our worst critics. This has been my initiative way back to being a special ed teacher. Adults were once children and they never worked their bright spots. The educational system was flawed and set us all up to fail and those that succeeded with great grades suffered in other ways. That is where “Real, Raw and Rowdy” got born. Rock Your Bright Spots – Be You. Love Life. Change The World. This has been my passion.
Find your desired life looking like the reality you wish to live in every way. No need to sell out… We just need to leverage your bright spots and create income from what you love best.
I love life whereby we get Real, Raw and & Rowdy and get a kick out of breaking cycles, rebelling the status quo and voicing the muted population. Square pegs are my audience and whom I speak for. Round holes… eh.
I call this my Soulful Revolution. Be You. Love Life. Change The World.

As an inspired educator, wellness expert, motivational speaker keynote, 30-year veteran yoga teacher, natural-living expert and entrepreneur I see potential in all things – how we live, who we are, and what makes us-us. A favorite saying of mine is, “I Can See Your Bright Spots. Can You?” I ask, “What makes YOU beautiful?” because my feeling is that we all have our own beauty and when we rock it we can easily love our life and change the world by the mere fact that you are being you.

I have immersed myself in the “wellness model” and have done research in natural living for over 25 years. I contextualize and root my practice within the framework and foundation of the Epigenome. The prefix “epi” meaning ‘outside of,’ and “genome” -the genotype that you are “born with,” meaning the factors that affect your health, outside of your genes. Meaning what YOU can control, how you can optimize your choices to create wellness, the life of your dreams. My philosophy is that HOW we live- our diet, lifestyle and environment- all contribute to what our life looks like.  As a transformational leader, I assist you to find your innate wisdom so you can live, thrive and become a happier you. All this provokes, encourages, and supports the immune system to rev at it’s optimal setting. I teach you what factors optimize gene expression for strong constitutional health and as well, those that debilitate the body/mind/heart and therefore turn genes on that express degenerative change in the body.

I am passionate about bringing out the best in people, groups and organizations, exploring what motivates them, and developing their path to sustainable growth-in body, mind and heart, an ecology that bespeaks our soul essence.