Meet Amy

Here are my stats… but I won’t tell you my social security number, credit card. Everything else is yours.

“I’ve been told I’m a very creative person, always looking for better ways of doing things.”

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I have been an educator for over 35 years. I hold a clear vision for shifting education globally and to teach more people the importance of life skills and personal growth practices that help them Iive a life worth living, no matter who or when.

Sometimes people call me an Unconventional Interventionist or Emotional Makeover Artist as I help people rewire their experience with new refined skills. I help others find their “10″ and locate just what stands between them and their optimal blueprint. What turns me on is others, besides myself being and living the real, truthful, deep down, self, authentically- like nobody else can. We can touch galaxies and worlds by changing our individual world with our unique HeartPrint. Be You. Love Life. Change The World. Out of all the stars made of stardust, we are the only ones who can be ourself. We are our own (and the world’s) greatest natural resource. Tap in.

“People see me as persistent. I just keep moving forward.”

Now considered a Leadership Educator and Mentor. I began my career as a Special Education teacher and became aware that the system I worked within did not highlight the strengths, nor the bright spots of individuals, but rather focused on their blind spots. My journey of personal transformation began with macrobiotics, homeopathy and natural living skills.

After learning yoga in college I became a yoga teacher, lifestyle expert consultant and a mentor’s mentor while President of the Glen Cove Chapter of the international Hadassah Organization,  Having worked with clients individually for many years, I launched the Live Life Fully platform, where I work with groups of people who struggle with strife, stress and sabotage and bring them to a peaceful place with a congruence in the inner and outer game of success and fulfillment.

My clientele have been with lawyers, CEOs, psychologists, doctors and teachers. I am the founder and program leader for Live Life Fully and the author of many published Huffington Post Blogs. As well,  I am a a contributor to World Yoga Magazine and Tribal Woman Magazine with my column, ​AskAmy.  I have  appeared on many radio programs such as Turtle Shell Health, InTheSpirit Radio and the My Menopause Fix Tele-Summit. I maintain my practice of OnTheSpot Consulting to help others align to their optimal blueprint through diet, lifestyle and environmental medicine.

As a passionate  Human Connection Expert,
let’s connect either in-person,
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