Amy Speaks:

“I think it is the interaction and the value of community that makes any teaching come alive. It makes it real. Manifest. Awesome impact.” -Amy Elias      


I so adore live audiences.

Maybe it is the energy. Or maybe it is the soul-level connections that are possible among the people in the room. Maybe it’s just that I love being on stage. It thrills me to connect with you all, person by person.

Part of my dream is to meet every person on the planet.


“How can you live the high life if you do not wear high heels?” -Sonia Rykiel

One thing I do know…

I want to spread the Real, Raw & Rowdy message… I want to connect with as many people as possible to get them started on their own Plan For Greatness. And I mean RIGHT NOW. Not after you lose 10 pounds or your mother leaves town or you get a new job. I mean it: wherever you are – the time is now. THAT is message I bring with clarity, authenticity, integrity and loads of energy to every audience I touch.

Where I’ve Gotten Real, Raw & Rowdy Live

As a yoga teacher, mentor, a builder of teams in businesses, in educational settings—all through my decades of teaching whether holistic living, personal development, yoga, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience or the anatomy of relationships. I have always inspired others to be bold, purposeful, passionate, energetic and now I give you this methodology to build your life from the inside out.

Since I have spoken in venues too numerous to count, the following are a few recent highlights so you can get a taste of where I’ve been and what I can offer to you:

  • Rev At Your Optimal Blueprint: Discover What Sits Between You and Success – Friday Night Dialogues, Shelter Island Library, March 22, 2012