Amy’s Work

I complement businesses and the ‘business of you’ with my biz wiz. I begin with honing your skills of “self-honor” into your relationships, how you communicate, and recalibrating your health and well being. This is a lifestyle medicine that applies the back to basics foundations to “live life fully.”

I am a Mentor’s Mentor. My work lies in the field of “lifestyle medicine” and it’s impact in every area of life. I have mastered the art of understanding the inner world of the mind and it’s mindset; identifying and understanding the mechanism of what’s going on in relationships and the psychology of the power of influence. With keen listening and intuition I help diagnose and clear “Success Stoppers” in business, life, marriage, relationships, parenting. I help people reach peak performance – their optimal blueprint. I help businesses reach their desired outcome as I rewire the components of the individuals in the context of the team.

I am a leader who inspires others. My clients include lawyers, doctors, CEO’s, school systems, medical students, professional organizations, business owners, and focus groups with her passion for couples and families. I have roots in a “natural living lifestyle.”  As an educator, special educator and yogic living expert my focus is on human and personal development, the tenets of the yoga paradigm, and self-realization. My warm presence guides you to happiness.

“Set your life conditions to your optimal blueprint so you can live a life of purpose, ON PURPOSE, with purpose and meaningfulness, and above all, to become the latest, greatest version of yourself.”

These personal development skills gleaned over 35 years help you to improve your life and relationships. I use the playground of the body/mind as a tool to manifest the unmanifested, such as one’s hopes, wishes, dreams and desires. My unique skills are communicating, inspiring, healing and teaching – all with compassion. The values and qualities that guide me are truth, passion, reflection, integrity, creativity, nurturing relationships, and focusing skills that add value to her life purpose and to the lives of others.  I continually awaken you to the powerful tool we all possess, the option of “choice’ and how that creates and shapes the lives we live.

“I love taking the first step. As long as I can remember I was this way. When I was in school…”

I redefine the epigenomic influences to improve your life and relationships through the lens of yoga, through the wholeness model – the “unity consciousness” of living, the currents of grace-honoring life’s natural rhythms. My influence helps you find your internal compass of balance. My private practice is dedicated to help you navigate and strategically design your life, specific to your body, mind and heart. This life by design, this life of choice – of co-creation – ultimately supports your immune system and creates the birthright of health and wellness – in mind, body and heart with you, with others and with the universal laws of a life well lived. This is my way to change the world by honoring our time on the planet, with choice, in this body, now. I utilize transformational techniques that are derived from behavioral, educational, therapeutic in the context of Anusara Yoga and it’s philosophies that help you awaken to your optimal blueprint.

“I ask ‘why?’ a lot. I guess it can get annoying sometimes, but I can’t help it. I’m the kind of person who hates assumptions. I need to get to the bottom of why things are the way they are.”

“Lifestyle Medicine” is the backbone of her practice for over 25 years and weaves through every interaction. I have been working with clients who have attempted “suicide” as an option for the past two years. When they fail, she begins. The “bright spots” allows for the new beginning to evolve. Epigenetics is diet, lifestyle and environment. SUICIDE is all three down the tubes. I help lift, show possibility, and encourage all to “Be Your Own Brand” a personal initiative for creative emergence.

I am the founder of Amy Elias, Inc. and presently working on two books. The first, “Eat. Sleep. Move. Pray. Love. – Your Escort Service To Turn Your Life Around – A Signature System For Living Life Fully” The Art and Science of Epigenetics, and the other on my research and conclusions on the controversial topic of Suicide.