Excerpt: Learning To Breathe

Priscilla’s journey with Amy and her work is the featured topic of chapter 24.
Chapter 24:
Breathing with a Twist

Despite everything I’d done to heal my soul, my breath and my brain, my body felt frozen. Still I was doing my best to be kind to it:

I bathed it. And I fed it (too much, sometimes). I gave it a lot of rest. But I didn’t give it enough exercise. I barely took it out for a walk. 

Like my daily meditation for my mind, I needed a daily practice for my body, so that it would catch up with me and my brain, wherever we were along our thousand steps journey.

One day, sitting at my favorite health food restaurant in New York City, Candle 79, I fed my body some fun along with some delicious tempeh, while my friend Meg and I laughed boisterously over lunch.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was Alana, a young editor I worked with at Huffington Post. She’d heard us laughing as she sat nearby,eating lunch with another woman and – could it be? Deepak Chopra. The man who had popularized meditation and explained the mind-body connection was right there in the flesh and spirit.

But charismatic as he is, it wasn’t Deepak I ended up falling for, but Alana’s mother, Amy Elias Kornfeld, a radiant yogi with a beautiful, happy face and sparkling brown eyes.

After Deepak left the restaurant, I slipped into his seat, and Meg pulled up a chair as we laughed with Alana and Amy, digging into the desserts they’d ordered. 

Amy seemed lit from within. I wanted some of what she had, so when I heard that she was a yoga instructor, I booked a private lesson with her for the following week, at her studio out on Long Island.

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