Integrative Transformational Therapy (ITT)

ITT is designed to intervene on behalf of your epigenome. This means that through changes in diet, lifestyle and environment, ITT can assist in silencing genes of illness, pain, depression and despair. Although we arrive with a defined set of genes (your genome), expression of these genes depends in large part on the way you live your life. ITT can elevate you out of the victimization of genetic expression that gets in the way of fully living and enjoying your life.


Integrative Transformational Therapy, developed by Amy Elias Kornfeld, M.S., is a comprehensive and diverse approach to the difficulties of living in these modern times. ITT addresses physical ailments, emotional difficulties and spiritual crises simultaneously through a mind/body/spirit directed therapy. Amy pulls from years of experience and training in Anusara yoga, lifestyle coaching, macrobiotics, home birthing, special education, psycho-educational therapy and nutritional counseling and has integrated all to create a gentle, caring and safe environment for healing and thriving in the 21st century. Amy assists you in rediscovering your true essence and helps you to overcome physical pain syndromes with an “optimal blueprint of alignment” for your life.


ITT Specialty Services

Anusara Yoga Therapeutics

Lifestyle Coaching

Nutritional Assistance

Weight Management Program

Stress Reduction


About Amy Elias

As the originator of ITT, Amy has melded many years of experience in many different disciplines into one effective approach to healing. Amy holds both a B.S. and M.S. degree in Special Education. She earned Affiliate Status as a trained Anusara Yoga Teacher after 2,500 hours of study. She is a trained macrobiotic chef and has assisted many people on the path to healthier eating habits. Her unique and engaging style and over 25 years of experience in the natural health field make her uniquely qualified to assist you on your path to creating the healthy and vibrant lifestyle that you deserve.