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My Offerings for 2013

Amy’s expertise lies in her 30+ years as a mind-body practitioner. She offers you:
LIFESTYLE MEDICINE Using Mind-Body Medicine and your Epigenome to Improve Your Immune Function and Treat Any Chronic Autoimmune and/or Any Other Health Challenges.
Amy is offering the following programs, each unique to fulfill different wants and needs. Take a look and see which would be best for YOU…
 ”‘Try it and let’s see what happens.’ That’s my motto.”


TWO HOUR KEYNOTE: The Leap To Remarkable is designed to open the gateway to your heart. To give You the road map to your life. To open you up to the remarkable person you already are. Amy’s signature system puts you in touch with your true desires, capabilities and talents. Amy will awaken you to your bright spots- what makes you great and where you shine. This presentation is a dive deep and a bottomless shift. Amy invites you to refine, rewire and reinvent so you can evolve, expand and emerge as the latest, greatest version of yourself. Since we all have self-doubts, momentary glimpses of low self-esteem and sometimes perhaps experience roadblocks that often get in our own way this presentation will have a positive effect on your life.



Amy Elias, MS & Dr. Robert Kornfeld

TWO HOURS: This presentation speaks to the discovery of what inflammation really is. You will be able to understand and discern which pathway of inflammation you or your clients are in and apply the knowledge gleaned to reduce inflammation and rewire the expression of your own genes. We are born with a particular set of genes and how they express themselves depends on the way we live our lives. Through this experiential interactive workshop, Amy and Dr. Kornfeld will teach how we live, can either suppress or express our genes of degeneration. You will learn whether or not your gene pool has you “destined” for arthritis, heart disease, Crohn’s Disease etc, your epigenome is your biggest influence to reverse what seems like a “life sentence” and will forever change the way you look at your diet, lifestyle and environment. This workshop will offer you a unique way to enlighten what creates inflammation in EVERY area of your life. Both dramatic and educational, this workshop will depend your understanding and will impact every area of living.


LiFT workshops are mini-bootcamps for women and girls who want to get to the core of their truest selves. Amy Elias guides them through creative exercises. Participants answer the questions: Who are you really, and who do you want to be?
What: a half-day workshop for women of all ages and teen girls. Full Weekend Retreats available at luxury hotels. 
How: attended in person; possible workbook component
Attendee benefits: feeling freer, more connected to their authenticity, untapped creative potential, reconnecting mother-daughter( if attended together)


Become a Kick-Ass Speaker

How to Create and Give A Kick-Ass Presentation: Themes, Pull- through’s, Timings, Niche locating for High End clientele. Use your passionate Truth as a shining example of a “how–to” do and present anything. Open to high school/college students and for the professional to hone and develop skills that take you from  ZERO TO IMPACT!!!

Be Your Own Brand. ™


OnTheSpot Consulting

For Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Doctors, and CEOs. Become a consciouspreneur and move from where you are to a realigned and deeply effective leader, decision maker and provider of a Wisdom 2.0 using the latest of technologies for better team leading, interactions and increased productivity in heath and wealth for you and your business.  


EVOLVE. EXPAND. EMERGE ™   A Mentoring Program

Role modeling and learning new skills in areas that are uniquely designed for you. This is a cutting edge approach and philosophy whereby your authentic self paired with your core desired feelings help you tap into the brand of you. Everywhere you go, there you are. Learn how to leverage your gifts in all areas of life: social, business, health, mental, emotional, educational, professional and wealth.  On the job, WizBiz. With a mentor’s mentor.




A pentatonic scale of making your life sing using these cornerstones of foundation. Workshop Style –Individual or as a Corporate Program in the workplace On or Off-Site as a “Retreat Day” for you, your business or community. Reboot Your Life.




This is the moment your creative genius wakes up and says…“The Time Is Now…and I want to start living my truthful, unapologetic, most authentic self.” This is for you –a releasing of no longer accepting a LIFE of self imposed acceptance for mediocrity and “the status quo”.  Take home some new things in your party bag for life that touches you forever. You are your latest trend. It does not come from outside of yourself. It comes from stepping into the unique brand you are. Eliminate one thing and add another to EXPECT MORE. ACCEPT LESS. Playing yourself small?  Think, what would the world miss if you were not doing your gift….whatever that is? Your business, your wonder, your whole way of living from the deepest part of you…expect the best of yourself.  No walls between you and your dream. DREAM. 



Been there. Done that. Life has been my teacher. Mindfulness, consciousness and awareness reflects.

Let’s dwell together.

Shift Happens.